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Trick or Treat!
Our Fubuki Project again made new cover! Now it's amazing "Bloody Shadows" from UtaPri with our sweet boys in unit Intelligent!
And credits:
ust, mix, video by Darya Shion
Amazing arts by Metall Waves (…)
original song from UtaPri
Thomas Akio (power append) as Mikaze Ai (Darya Shion)
Yoru Metarune as Hijirikawa Masato (Metall Waves)
Kogami Hiroshi as Jinguji Ren (Darya Shion)
ust available via pm, but it's fully romaji…
Hi, minna!
I need to earn some points, so i decided to open simple commissions.
simple subs - 150 points

Karaoke-subs - 300 points (+50 if you need hiragana karaoke-subs)

simple video (only this type is available, cause I have some troubles with my laptop) - 350 points
Simple video include:
- simple animated background
- simple subs (if you need karaoke-subs - add 100 points)
- art for this video must be provided by you

How to order:
1. Please send me a note here on DA entitled "subs commission".
2. Introduce yourself, because I would like to know with whom I'm working.
3. Tell me what you need - subs or video and how it need to be (colours, fonts etc). If you need subs - karaoke or simple
4. Provide a dl link for your video
5. I make a short demo of subs/video and if all right you'll send points to my donation pool and I'll send you full video
6. Effects for karaoke subs are free, but I use not so much effects, just wich provided in samples
At first time I open 7 slots. Then I'll finish first order I take a new one etc.
I work only with UTAU Windows.
So, prices:
CV - 50 points per pitch
VCV - 250 points per pitch
oto VCV voicebank as VCV and CV - add 50 points to full voicebank price
VCV (other languages) - 400-600 points (depends on the number of samples) per pitch
CVVC Jap - 250 points per pitch
CVVC other languages - 200 points per pitch
VCCV english (PaintedCz) - 600 points
add romaji aliases - add 100 points to full voicebank price
How to order:
1. Please send me a note here on DA entitled "oto.ini commission".
2. Introduce yourself, because I would like to know with whom I'm working.
3. Tell me what your voicebank is: CV/VCV
4. Provide a dl link.
5. Wait for confirmation (!!!!!WAIT FOR CONFIRMATION) and send points to my donation pool.
6. I'll start to work after payment is received.
Terms and conditions
1) I will not start work on the OTO until I receive my payment.
2) I don't pay attention to the sound's quality or records' length. Though you need to understand, that very short records can have worse quality. But if the records will be noisy or bad I'll oto it and only you will be responsible for quality cause I just oto it, no more.
3) CV voicebank can take me a 1 days, VCV can take a 1-4 days (one pitch). Time depends on what is happening in my real life.
4) Cancellation of requests are not allowed after the payment is sent.
5) First Come, First Serve Basis
6) If you order more than 5 VB's or pitches you can ask me about some discounts
7) Regular customers will get some discounts too.
8) If I do not answer my note within 2 days, please send me another one but be patient.
9) I have the right to decline a commissioner .
10) You should wait for the "confirmation" before paying. (ATTENTION, PLEASE!)

samples (VCV):………
other samples you can find on my youtube channel.

It'll be really pleasant if you share it with your friend, maybe they wanna order))))